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Mig Tungsten carbide provides a soluition

It increases the service life of parts that become worn from 200% to 800% more than conventional hardfacing alloys 

Advantages of Hardfacing 

Fall tillage parts

Ripper Tips, Chisel Plow Points, Ripper Shank Guards

Extend the life of your Ripper Tips with our Tungsten Carbide Welding Process.


3x - 5x the life of ripper tips

Spring Tillage Parts

The sweep on the left is John Deere’s Ultra High Productivity sweep VS there normal 7” sweep with Schultz welding tungsten carbide applied to it . Both in the wheel track the one on the left has 900 acres and the one on the right has 1100 acres. 

Less downtime, less parts used!

Tungsten carbide will eliminate the need to change your sweeps mid season . Which is key in keeping the planter going in our short planting windows. Which in turn helps maximize your yield potential!   

Tile Plow Parts

Less downtime, less parts used!

Spend more time working, and less time replacing parts!


We can apply carbide to anything from construction to farm, municipal, street sweeper parts.
If it wears out, we can make it last longer

spend more time working, and less time replacing parts!